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    Spain`s PM Rajoy under suspicion over corruption allegations

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    Spain`s PM Rajoy under suspicion over corruption allegations

    Spain`s Mariano Rajoy received calls to depart his post as the incumbent Prime Minister of Spain, as flames of illegal financing stoke several senior members of the country`s governing conservative party.

    Spain`s Popular Party is still shaken by a war of words over illegal funds that are used for the undercover monthly payments to important VIP in the party, entailing the current and former government presidents, Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar.

    Since early 2009, allegations over bribery, money laundering to tax fraud have fueled the political scandal in Spain, dubbed Gürtel case, implicating seniors of the PP, Spain`s right-wing part, some of which have been forced to resign or have been suspended.

    Rajoy was found guilty by the media last week in the newest allegations, covering four pages Thursday in El País. Well, his credibility is now at stake in the wake of these harsh allegations, as he pushes his nation into tougher economic diet and deeper recession.

    Of course, Rajoy denied that he had personally benefited from any remuneration aside from his official salary and vowed to provide "complete transparency" over his financial dealings. He still hasn`t been under investigation for involvement in illegal activity.

    El País said that top party leaders had received extra thousands of euros a year from these accounts. Rajoy received 25,200 euros a year between 1997 and 2008, according to a source of information that was unnamed by the newspaper, but said to be close to the former treasurer.

    Alfredo Prerz Rubalcaba, the current Socialist opposition leader, called on Rajoy to respond personally to the allegations in the El País article, which indicated that Luis Bárcenas, ex-PP treasurer had overseen a monthly payment of secret cash envelops to high-profile party officials.

    Spaniards were furious although he said that he has "never received nor distributed undeclared money," adding he would publish online his "statements of income, patrimony and any information necessary" to prove that these allegations has not solid grounds from the first place.

    Political clouds continue to bombard Rajoy after 13 months of claiming his premiership, but if suspensions were affirmed the Spanish street would burst into a new havoc that will possibly see Rajoy ending his term as the head of the government after years of austerity and recession.

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    Spain`s PM Rajoy under suspicion over corruption allegations

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