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    Berlusconi vows to hand-back property tax payments if elected

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    Berlusconi vows to hand-back property tax payments if elected

    Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi vowed Sunday to cut taxes and the cost of government, abolish an unpopular tax on primary residences and refund property taxes if his coalition wins this month`s elections.

    Speaking at a rally in Milan, the 76-year-old populist said that only his coalition could lift Italy out of recession and reestablish the lost trust between government and citizens.

    Well it seems that the scandal-hit. three-time prime minister is attempting to dig his own way back to the office despite a recent criminal conviction for tax fraud and other judicial woes including a trial in which he is charged with paying for sex.

    Berlusconi said he would order the refund of what citizens paid for the real estate tax known as IMU, which was reinstated last year as part of Prime Minister Mario Monti`s austerity budget in the crisis-hit country after it had been abolished in 2008 by himself.

    He also  promised a centre-right government would eliminate a regional tax on businesses over the course of five years, and would reduce personal income tax rates, also would not impose a so-called "wealth tax" on higher earners.

    Berlusconi, one of Italy’s richest said he wanted nothing for himself but that he wanted to fight this last electoral battle for freedom in Italy.

    "I want to help Italy get out of this dark atmosphere the technical tax men have put it in, and in which the tax men of the left will leave it mired." Berlusconi added.

    Monti sarcastically commented on Berlusconi`s promises and said Berlusconi "has never kept any of his promises" while one centre-left parliamentarian called the speech "a laundry list of stupidities".

    Most opinion polls indicate that the centre-left coalition, headed by Democratic Party secretary Pier Luigi Bersani, will win February’s election.

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    Berlusconi vows to hand-back property tax payments if elected

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