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HI Bruno,

I have a lot of problems with Your website... its not professional organized...

Look at this site: … uforex.php

OK, I have tested Expert Advisor Tribuforex and I would like to buy it.

Could You please tell me how to contact with author or reseller ? Its realy annoying to click like an idiot in hundrets of Your link... Where is E-mail address that I can conntact with somebody ? WHere is contact formular ? I have spent allmost 1h to find a contact informations... Maybe You have nice EA but Your website sucks...

There is no informations about the price, there is no informations about license (Free, GPL, Commercial)...

The organization of Your website wasting Your potential clients time... most probably You forgot that time is money...

If You would like to sell this EA, write on this website, how to buy it and how much does it costs.
Put also some informations about eventuel support conntact.

ehhhhh.... 1hour lost...



#2 ⇑ Haut ⇑ 30-07-2012 15:07:57

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Re: wasting my time...

Hello Dlugi,

This Expert Advisor (working on Super Trend) is free.
On Forex-Tribe, there is only the demo key generator.
If you want to install it on a Live account, generate a key here : … uforex.php


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