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ask for technical analysis

Tribe offers a sub-forum dedicated to demands of technical analysis

This FREE service, run by the ForexTribe team and members gives you the technical analysis of your choice.

To do this, simply create a new thread on the forum and do not forget to indicate the currency pair and timeframe required for your analysis.

ask for technical analysis

For more explanations and / or to respond more to your needs, you can also request a commented technical analysis, a technical indicator in addition and so on.

 We also count on your participation to meet the needs of all.

 A mixture of analysis, contradicting themselves or not, will only bring MORE information to the member who made ​​the request.

Typical example :

Bruno creates the following demand:
Title : Technical analysis demand on the EUR/USD in 15min - Date: 23/08/2011
Message : Hello, could you give me your technical analysis on EUR / USD on a 15 minutes timeframe please? For more precision, I would like a commented analysis because a simple chart is not always comprehensible to me. On the other hand, I would like if possible that your technical analysis will be made zoom in and out for better visibility.

Thank you in advance!

With this well done / explained demand, the member "Bruno" will receive later in the shortest possible time a technical analysis of all others ForexTribe members (and / or the ForexTribe team).

Answer obtained n°1:
The pair EUR/USD broke its long term bullish slant (black line). The pair already made a pullback on this slant and seems now to move into a bearish channel.
The pair is currently testing a strong resistance zone which matches with the Fibonacci retracement 23.60% at 1.4368, the resistance at 1.4372 and also with the pivot point of the day at 1.4377. The upper band of the bearish channel could also act as resistance.
It is possible to enter shorts starting now to target a return on 1.4350 and then on the support at 1.4327.

ask for technical analysis

ask for technical analysis