GBP/USD Technical Analysis
(British Pound / US Dollar)


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GBP/USD : Return on earth...

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sentiment sur la parité AUD/USD
sentiment sur la parité AUD/USD
sentiment sur la parité AUD/USD

--- Follow up analysis ---
For several days, the pair GBP/USD moves horizontally between the support 1.6970 and the fibonacci retracement 38.20% at 1.7001. In the short term, the price is still moving within its bearish channel (blue lines).

We continue to advise short positions (sell) as far as 1.7001 is resistance. This level corresponds to the upper limit of the channel. The break of 1.6970 and of the retracement fibonacci 50% at 1.6941 will both give a new sell signal. The price will have in line of sight the retracement 61.80% at 1.6882.

In case of return above 1.7001, we will advise you to remain neutral between this level and 1.7060.

ps : Traders with a more aggressive strategy could trade the pair according to 1.7001 (long above; Short below).
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Analysis published by Bruno Dupray, the 07/29/2014 at 09h20 GMT+2

Chart of the pair GBP/USD - Timeframe 1H
GBP/USD Technical Analysis

Chart of the pair GBP/USD - Timeframe 4H
GBP/USD Technical Analysis

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