Trading Tools
Share your positions
Share your positions
ForexTribe's tool allowing members to share their open positions on the Forex.
Pivot Points Table
Pivot Points Table
Table on which are calculated daily, weekly and monthly pivot points, resistances and supports
Gann's pyramid table
Gann's pyramid table
Table representing the spot prices of each currency pair depending on the key levels of Gann's Pyramid.
traders insight
Traders insight
Consensus provided by customer's Traders from eToro and Dukascopy.
pivot point meter
Pivot Points Meter
Tool representing graphicaly Pivots Points on 4 units of time.
forex Currency index
Forex Currency Index
Tool providing the evolution of currencies based on a basket of currencies, in percentage and on different units of time.
forex volatility
Forex Volatility
Tool allowing to calculate the volatility of a currency pair, and to obtain a graphic representation of it.
currencies volatility
Currencies Volatility
Tool providing the volatility of a currency against other currencies, in different timeframe..
forex correlation
Forex Correlation
Tool allowing to highlight the correlation between various currency pairs.
pivot point calculator
Pivot Points Calculator
Tool allowing to calculate by yourself Pivots, Resistances and Supports.
fibonacci calculator
Fibonacci Calculator
Tool allowing to calculate by yourself Fibonacci retracements

Money Management Tools
Currency converter
Currency Converter
A simple currency converter that converts an amount from a currency into another currency of your choice.
pip value calculator
Pip value calculator
Tool allowing to calculate the value of a pip of the right hand side currency, depending on the number of lots selected.
margin/pip calculator
Margin/Pip Calculator
Complete tool allowing to obtain all information relating to a position (a pip value, margin, gain on Take Profit, Loss on Stop Loss on...)
value of a pip in dollar
Value of a pip in Dollar
Tool allowing to calculate the value of a pip in dollar for all currency pair, depending on the size of the position.
money management calculator
Money Management Calculator
Tool allowing to calculate the ammount of position you should open to meet your Money Management.

live forex charts
Live Charts
Simple Forex Live Charts.
configurable live charts
Configurable Live Charts
Configurable Forex Live Charts, allowing the addition of indicators on all currency pairs, and on all timeframe.
charts per timeframe
Charts per timeframe
simultaneously Forex Live Charts on all timeframe.
charts in percentage
Charts in percentage
Forex Charts with dual display (in price and percentage change).
Graphiques ProRealTime
ProRealTime Charts
ProRealTime Forex Chart (49 currency pairs are available on every timeframe)
Simultaneous Forex Live Charts ProRealTime
Simultaneous Forex Live Charts ProRealTime
Allowing you to follow simultaneously by charts differents Forex Currency Pairs. Helps you to check the Forex Correlation between Currency Pairs.
Currency Performance Charts
Currency Performance Charts
This Forex Tool alloowing you to follow the evolution of a currency against other currencies. All Timeframes are availables.